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Convenient Accounting and Financial  Compliance Services for Non Profits and Government Funded Organizations.

Accounting Services

In House Monitoring and Audit Preparation

501c3 Tax Exemption Application and Submission

Budget Forecast Analysis and Revisions

Payroll Allocations and Management

About Us
About ATOP Financial Services 

ATOP Financial Services, Inc. works exclusively with government-funded organizations or programs, whether they are non-profit or for-profit, to provide professional accounting and financial compliance services.

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Powerful Client Testimonials

Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services has worked with ATOP Financials for several years and, of all our partners, her work is consistently the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely. We often use the materials she submits as examples for other agencies to follow.

For a government agency, non-profit or grant funded organization to be successful, they must demonstrate transparency and accountability in managing funds. An ATOP can assist an organization with establishing a professional financial management approach that creates trust and continued investments.

-Thomas A. Eberly, Criminal Justice Director
Mecklenburg County Manager’s Office

The quality of ATOP’s 501c3 services was fantastic. I was given a thorough explanation of the procedures, questions were asked to determine what I was looking for in a 501c3, and I was kept updated on everything. ATOP made me feel like family! After talking and working with them, they understood my vision and put everything I wanted on paper which in the end got me my 501c3 grant. After the process was finished (which was very quick!), I felt good about my non-profit. My mission and vision were captured. I would recommend ATOP Financial Services Inc. to anyone who wants help with their 501c3. They listened and understood what I wanted. If you want someone trustworthy, and someone who will listen to your needs, I suggest you contact ATOP right away.

-B. Headen – Program Director Community Alliance

I found myself in need of a fiscal agent in 2012. Sadly, my organization was in a very difficult financial situation, however, I was fortunate enough to meet the founder of ATOP Financial. Much of the time we spent together was after normal business hours – I’m so thankful for their help and flexibility! ATOP Financial made themselves familiar with the guidelines and tools that were required, and used their resourcefulness to ensure that all of our documents were reported accurately. Since I have been working with ATOP, I’ve had favorable reports from my funding source. ATOP really saved my business, and working with ATOP has helped me to realize that when it comes to your finances, you need to have the BEST. ATOP is very compassionate in the work that they do and truly care about the needs of people.

-R. Vinson – 21st Century Program Director Stanly County, NC

You have been a Godsend to me and I truly appreciate it. I consider it an honor to have worked with you because of your willingness and patience to teach and train me on the fiscal management of the 21st CCLC grant. I have learned so much from you since we met at the SYNERGY Conference in March 2014. This is year four of our grant and we have worked with 2 CPAs and one other Accounting Services firm. None of the other firms were able to satisfy the Board of Directors nor staff with expediting financial statements and other requests in a timely manner. Your rates are affordable and we never felt intimidated by your knowledge. Your knowledge and efficiency to help our program with bank reconciliations, forecasting and monthly financial statements eliminated a lot of headaches for the staff. You listened to us as we discussed our program needs; you displayed passion in researching and understanding our afterschool program and you developed spreadsheets that were clear and easy to understand. Your turnaround time for responses to our many, many, many requests are always timely. Thank you for your efficiency and effectiveness these past few months Our working relationship has been awesome, I just wish we met four years earlier. Life implementing the 21CCLC grant would have been a lot easier. I highly recommend ATOP to new or first time 21st Century Community Learning Center grant recipients. This agency gives you “top of the line” accounting services!

-J. Johnson – 21st Century Program Director Cumberland County, NC

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ATOP Financial Services has been serving the Non-Profit sector for over 20 years. If you need professional accounting and financial compliance services, we want to hear from you. Please fill out this form and let us know how we can be of service. We will be happy to offer a FREE consultation to determine how we can best serve your business needs.

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